La Willy Nilly Cast

Steven Johnson

, Harry

In addition to acting, also runs Factory Films multi-media company. Factory Films on Facebook

Jimmy Dinh

, Wang Wang

Originally from Vietnam, where he had help developed, and now runs, a successful cosmetic accessory company. Jimmy feels acting is a natural extension of his creative impulses and along with performing in many TV shows and movies, he's written a full length script based on his experiences and the many characters he's met along the way.

Roevely Rancell

, Marjuan

Roevely Rancell is an actor and singer. He grew up in New York City where he discovered his passion for creating. Roevely is currently working on music. He was discovered by Janet jackson, he credits her as one of his main inspirations to act and sing.

Ross Meyers

, Sonny

A product of the east coast, Ross has had his foot in many an adventure before casting his rod in the acting pond. Drawing upon his life experiences, he's made an immediate impression as the gruff, but lovable character of uncertain intentions.

Ryan Izay

, Pete
Born and raised in Pasadena, CA with a successful character actor for a grandfather and an award-winning stage actor for a father, Ryan Izay had an early appreciation for the arts. Being an avid Charlie Chaplin fan by 10 created the foundation for a lifelong love affair with the cinema, eventually leading to a career in film journalism and a modicum of success as a third generation actor. Best known best for his role in independent film Beyond Honor and as Rod in Logo Channel's "DTLA," Izay also runs a film website with industry interviews, movie news and reviews.

Shawn-Caulin Young

, Repete
Raised on a ranch in rural NM, Shawn-Caulin Young is the extremely versatile actor who has quickly become known around Hollywood as the new “man of a thousand faces”. His unique ability to literally “transform” himself into other people, can be seen in his portrayal of various roles from the troubled sweet guy-next-door in DREAMS & SHADOWS (2009) to the twisted crack addict in CAPTURE (2013). This one-of-a-kind talent has lead him to be compared to such greats as Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell, and Keifer Sutherland.

Arlan Godthaat

, Effluvium

A Crusty Character Actor with a penchant for offbeat roles. Born New Orleans, La. A lapsed-Catholic. A contrarian and a counter-puncher. Looks to the future with idea of robbing it.

Robert Rexx

, Watusie

Robert has appeared in many music videos, shows, and films. He lives in Los Angeles.

Marc Livingood

, Ernie the Fence

Shelbe Chang

, Noot
Born in Taipei, Taiwan and arriving in the U.S. as a bright-eyed 12 year old, Shelbe dreamed of becoming an entertainment multi-hyphenate. She Auditioned for TVB Hong Kong New Talent Singing Contest and studied Communication Arts, Film/TV & Photography in college, all of which led to a stint at Chinese TV Network. She then expanded her talents into acting & modeling, hosting and freelance writing. She's so grateful for the opportunities to pursue her dreams. Heavily involved with the transgender community, she continues to use her many talents to empower transgender voices and raise awareness on transgender lives.

Monet Johnson

, Tameka

Born in Texas and currently residing in LA, Monet has appeared in numerous roles. She can be found on Actors Access and on IMDB here:

Anthony L. Fernandez

, Jorge
Currently residing in the greater Los Angeles area with his wife and children, Anthony has been developing his craft through years of rigorous emotional and physical training. Incorporating his life and passed experiences, Anthony delivers organic truth to every character and every story. “Life is a wonderful adventure filled with highs and lows, set in the light, as well as lurking in the shadows, we laugh then cry, we fail and are triumphant! I find no greater joy and take no greater pride than in God, my life, and acting!” - Anthony L. Fernandez

Lee Chen

, Ling

Lee has had numerous TV credits and many lead roles in independant films. She has a MFA in Theatre and Dance and has performed in over 40 theatre and dance productions including touring her own original one woman show “Life Flies”. Her most recent movie credit is for Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”.

Drue Delio

, Houseboy
Actor. Magician. Snail farmer. Traffic operator. Robe collector. It's difficult to label Drue Delio. Even labeling him human would be delusory. He is his own species, similar to the Predator creature; except he's not from outer space and doesn't kill people. He watches TV and drinks green tea. If Ghandi and a sloth had an offspring, the result would be similar to a Sulcata turtle. But if that Sulcata turtle reproduced with aforementioned Ghandi (in a society where inbreeding is legal), the result would be Drue Delio. He is a highly evolved spiritual form of low energy fueled by malt liquor and Cheetos marshmallow treats (*-see recipe below). We don't know how he got in the movie. The first time we saw him was when we were editing the film. But he's in there, and he's not that bad so we kept him in.
*Oh, Cheetos-marshmallow recipe here.

Nicole Dionne

, Brenda

Has appeared in numerous creative projects. She loves dancing, acting, and being a Goddess in that order.

Kaidy Kuna

, Bao

With a natural talent and years of honing his skills, Kaidy has become an accomplished actor. A series regular on Harry's Law, many national commercials, and tons of independant features keep him very busy.